34 Weeks or Fleshy Nubbins

12 Aug

Well boy howdy – I’ve hit 34 weeks in my pregnancy! At my appointment yesterday, Doc Haines said everything was looking well. My BP is holding steady and staying low, and no sugar or protein in my urine. My feet and ankles are swelling though. I don’t even have cankles – I just have fleshy nubbins. No semblance of ankles at all anymore. I was told to lay off the salt and keep up with the protein – as well as keep my feet elevated.

As a preemptive strike I have taken off my wedding band and have it on a chain around my neck. I had to do this with Kaitlyn’s pregnancy too – but that’s because my fingers became sausages. My fingers are not sausages, but I’d rather be safe and not have to have the band cut off in case something does happen. I totally freaked out one night when I realized that there was no ring on my finger, and pregnancy brain made me forget that I had put it safely on a chain. So, I have a fake wedding band on. It’s much larger with next to no chance of getting stuck on my finger.

Shorty’s kicks and movements are visible from the outside now. It’s really weird. I occasionally have Disco Baby going on in my belly, with appendages pushing out at opposite ends. Again, it’s really weird.

Pillow Fort!

8 Aug

I’m starting to get a little bit uncomfortable now. It’s not too bad though. I am, however, getting horrible insomnia, and difficulty getting settled into bed. I toss and turn constantly at night. Right side, left side, right side… bathroom! Right side, left side… bathroom! I’d love to just sleep on my back, but I’m not allowed to anymore due to Shorty would cut off my blood flow or something or another. Right now when I go to bed I have five different types of pillows with me. Nathan has been on vacation this week, so it will be interesting to see how the pillow fort plays out when he gets back.

Pillow #1 – Normal pillow for my head. I love this pillow, it is a kind of foamish like Tempurpedic and cradles my head nicely

Pillow #2 – body pillow, about five feet long, purple fleecy fabric. This is on my right side – sometimes

Pillow #3 – Boppy Cuddle Pillow – looks like a giant apostrophe. I’m supposed to use the little part to stick between my knees and the big part to rest my belly on, but it’s more back support as a flop from side to side.

Pillow #4 – Wedge Pillow – it’s a semi-soft wedge pillow that I shove under my back on the right side when the body pillow pisses me off

Pillow #5 – Bitty soft pillow I took from Kaitlyn. It is purple and fluffy and says Princess on it. I have this to the right of pillow #1 and sometimes rest my hand/wrist on it. SUCH a diva.

T-50 or T-44

3 Aug

According to my little pregnancy ticker on thebump.com I have 50 days left in my pregnancy! This would, of course, assume that I actually deliver on my due date of September 22. As it turns out, we have already scheduled Shorty’s birthday to be September 16. Can I tell you how odd it is to schedule somebody’s birthday?

Mark it down – I’m scheduled for surgery at 7:30a (ew) on Friday, September 16.

With the amended date, I have 44 days left. Shorty’s coming next month! Woo!

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

31 Jul

Friday was both kick ass and a total bummer. I had my 32 week (!!!!) checkup with the most awesome Dr. Haines to see how Shorty was faring. Turns out, everything is going well so far. Shorty is trending a tad large at 3.5 pounds, which is almost a full pound larger than KC was when she was born. He is upside down (normal at this point) so his feet are up near my ribs, and his head is down near all up in my area. Yes. That area, south of the bellybutton. This positioning seems to have an adverse effect on my tummy in the fact that I get horrible horrible indigestion, heartburn, SEARING acidic PAIN in my throat/mouth at many many times during the day (and at night too). To any mommy who has been pregnant, this is nothing new – just a normal “perk” of being in the third trimester. There are other “perks” that include only sleeping an hour at a time because someone likes to dance on your bladder – oh wait, he’s upside down now, so that means the bladder has turned into a punching bag. Same result. It makes me wonder why I bother wearing my CPAP machine at night (for sleep apnea). Then I remember, there’s someone else sleeping next to me, and if I don’t wear the CPAP, I have a tendency to snore like a lumberjack (but I’m okay). Okay on to the rest of Friday. J

I got to go to the Mariners game! Huzzah! I love the Mariners, doesn’t matter that they aren’t doing well, I still love them. Not only did I get to go to the M’s game, I got to enjoy it in a suite! I’ve never been in an M’s suite – it was, well, sweet! Food was awesome, and although I got there a little late and wasn’t able to get an outside seat – it was still an amazing experience in the main part of the suite. The M’s were celebrating the Seattle Supersonics at pregame, and that was in and of itself an awesome experience. Food was yummers, and somebody rented the great and powerful Edgar Martinez for the evening, too. He was signing baseballs and I got one (Two if you’re counting)! Well, I have some sort of condition now that makes me get tired really easily so it was only the bottom of the third inning (8pm) when I started flagging on the energy in a big way. I said my goodbyes and headed down to the parking deck – carrying two autographed baseballs, and a Seattle Mariners magazine. I got to the car and tried to find somewhere to put the balls so I could dig out my keys. This is not such an easy task as baseballs are spherical and don’t like to stay put. That was an adventure just by itself. So. Keys. NOT in my purse. Bear in mind, I have a bottomless purse. I’m much better about putting my keys in the same spot in my purse, but they still have a tendency to migrate towards the bottom of that compartment. I literally emptied out my purse (took me about 5 min), after a quick pep talk to myself to not stress out (not good for Shorty), and still – no keys. Dammit. I look as best I can in to the car to see if they are hiding there (I spent a good 5 minutes doing this as well). No keys. I went to the deck attendants to see if anyone turned in my keys. Nope. My door, by the way, was locked, and I tried to remember if I put the keys in my purse, but there’s this thing people call pregnancy brain. It’s when you’re pregnant, and your brain? Doesn’t always work. Forgetfulness, and just general oddities where you have no idea what is coming out of your mouth. Up I trek to the suite deck and realize – where the hell did my ticket go? What? Did I freaking eat it or something? Ugh. Oh yeah – and my phone’s about dead too. I text Becky (most awesome gal in my group at work) and let her know my keys are missing and I need a ticket to get back in. I knew they had extras, so she brought me one. Okay – I’m back in and looking everywhere for my keys. Upstairs, downstairs, retracing my steps. I do want to say that one of the Safeco Field staff members was helping me out through all of this, Kirk A. – such a sweetheart, I’m so glad he was there to walk with me and help me look. At about 9:15, with still no sign of keys, I gave Nathan the bad news that I needed him to wake Kaitlyn up, and bring me a spare car key. At this point in time, I had walked back up to the suite (which was halfway around the stadium) back down to the private room near home plate where the pregame cocktail hour was (I should have had a Bailey’s) up to the 300 level for lost and found, and then back to the suite. Too bad I don’t wear my pedometer anymore. It was quite a lot of walking. And I was exhausted BEFORE all this crap happened. One nice thing is back in the suite, the little mini baseball helmets filled with ice cream had arrived. You better believe I had me one of those. I forgot to save the helmet though. Ok – time to head to the car. I make the trek back to the elevators and wait for them. I pass on the one that says “we can squeeze you in”. I’m freaking huge – not interested in squeezing, but thank you. While I’m waiting for the next elevator – who should walk up wanting to take an elevator? Only Nate McMillan and James Donaldson! Hoe-lee-crap how awesome. Mr. Donaldson is super super tall, by the way. I usually don’t feel comfy talking to famous folks – I feel they get enough bombardment from the riff-raff and I don’t need to add to the noise. I did have to say something though – I couldn’t NOT! I said “hello gentlemen” and commented on the pregame festivities and thanked them for taking the time to come out and be a part of it. Squee! I didn’t actually squee – but I came close. Then, while in the elevator I lamented that all I had were baseballs – no basketballs for them to sign. I got a chuckle out of both of them. That’s right, I made the most awesome Supersonic players laugh. They LAUGHED. Ha!

It is now almost 10p and I am reeeeeeallly tired. I’ve got the walking down to a full waddle at this point, and I think I may be weaving a little too. Pay no attention to the pregnant lady who is walking like a drunk! I get a phone call from Becky. My keys, they have been found! And while I’m on the phone with her, Nathan pulls up with a key. Keys, everywhere. It’s like… I don’t know what it’s like. Kirk A. says he’ll bring the keys down to me (he’s such a nice guy) and I take the one from Nathan, just in case. While I was waiting, one of the parking deck managers was nice enough to keep me company. I tell you these Safeco Field peeps are great. Kirk brought down my keys, and a poster, and some M’s earrings. Aw. 🙂

It is 10:10p and I am IN MY CAR! Yay! I go home, (it is not a short drive) talk with Nathan, apologize profusely for being such an absentminded pregnant wife, and did I mention how much I love my husband? And then go to sleep. Torchlight parade is the next evening, but that’s another story. Need to recover.

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

20 Jul

Today I am 30 weeks, 6 days pregnant. This is a milestone in my pregnancy. I know it doesn’t seem like it would be significant, but I assure you, it is. You see, about six years ago, when I was pregnant with Kaitlyn – something happened this day in my pregnancy.

<cue flashback noises a la Wayne’s World>

It was April 6, 2005. I was 30 weeks, 6 days pregnant. I went in for a normal checkup, where they check blood pressure, check urine, measure the baby via how big the bump is, and listen to the heartbeat. Well, my blood pressure was elevated (normally it’s spot on 120/80) and there was protein in my urine. The doc had me lie down, darkened the room, told me to relax, and they’d be back in ten minutes to check the BP again. I don’t remember what the numbers were, but they checked again and it was still elevated. A tad bit later, my doc came in and told us that there was a bed waiting for me at Overlake Hospital. I’d be staying there for a while. It was after lunch and I was really hungry, we asked the doctor if we could get lunch first. He said no. That was a little freaky, but we weren’t horribly worried. As a side note, Nathan was supposed to leave for North Carolina that afternoon to be in a friend’s wedding, on Saturday. I was going to drop him off at the airport that afternoon. After talking with the doctor in the hospital, we decided he should stay. The doc told us that I had Pre-Eclampsia and would most likely be on bed rest in the hospital for the next five weeks. I was given magnesium sulfate to help stem the likelihood of seizures, as well as steroids to help with lung maturation in the baby. Long story short, 3 days later I developed HELLP syndrome and my liver and kidneys shut down. This made my shoulder hurt like the dickens. There are no nerves in your liver and kidneys so the hurt has to manifest itself somewhere. That hurt was in the front of my shoulder – I think it was the right one. Stabbing pain like a knife. Big ouch. In order to save my life, and the baby’s, I had an emergency cesarean. At 31 weeks. 9 weeks early. Kaitlyn Celeste Novak was born the evening of April 9, 2005 at 2 pounds 9 ounces. http://smu.gs/qkE3iC

<cue flashforward noises a la Wayne’s World>

So here I am today, 9:30 at night, sitting on my couch typing this out. Nathan’s in the chair next to me reading his Kindle, and we have some jazz playing on the radio. Pretty much everything from this point out in the pregnancy is new to me and Nathan. We are excited and nervous. We have a BBQ/Shower planned on Saturday which is also kind of a “hooray, we’re still pregnant!” party too (as that would be the day I had Kaitlyn).

This pregnancy is definitely different. My belly popped a lot sooner, I’m carrying higher, and NOW I am feeling a lot more movement. Shorty is pushing a lot more than kicking now, and it’s fairly uncomfortable. I get tired very easily, and am pretty much exhausted when I get home after work.

I will note that I am taking my blood pressure twice a day and it is spot on. I take a low dose aspirin every day as well. We are praying, and I know others are as well, that this is an uneventful, healthy pregnancy. Doc Haines has said that I have an 80% chance of making it to my scheduled cesarean date – which is on September 16, I will be just over 39 weeks along at that point.

Here’s to milestones – may I make the 39 week milestone with no difficulty.


Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

19 Jun

I’ve been lax and haven’t posted in a long time. Shame on me.

So, we had our first ultrasound in May and found out that Kaitlyn’s going to have a baby brother. We are very excited. We have another ultrasound on Tuesday – maybe we can post another video!

99 Problems

4 May

Many of you know that I have an eclectic musical taste, but I will usually have alternative or classic rock on in the car. One of my primary music stations is 107.7 The End. Well this happened to be on yesterday as I was driving home, and in the 5 minutes between Kaitlyn’s day care and our house, 99 Problems by Hugo came on. I thought nothing of it, singing along as I normally do. Well, we got home, came inside and were putting our things away. Kaitlyn hung up her jacket and went into her playroom. I hear her singing. “I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one.” Oh my. Well, at least she’s not singing NIN Closer. I kid, I’d never let her listen to that, unedited. I will say, that I do switch the station if certain Sublime songs come on. There’s a Mumford and Son’s song that plays on the radio and I substitute the blocked out word with “messed”. It works well, “I really messed it up this time.” I know she must get exposed to swearing, I’ve heard how some kids talk.

I may get some flak for this but you know what? KC’s a good kid, intelligent and she understands some very adult concepts. I know my parents swore when I was growing up, but they told me that these were adult words, and I shouldn’t use them until I was older. I was very aware of that fact, and can still remember the very first time I swore at my mom – and how guilty I felt about it afterwards. I believe I was 15 or so. 🙂

– later bitches.